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Little Sunshines - 0 to 2 YEARS

At Little Sparkles, we understand that the first two years of a child’s life are critical for brain and language development. From birth, babies are busy, active learners with enthusiasm for investigating the sights and sounds around them. To develop their motor skills, we encourage the babies in the Little Sunshines room to explore their surroundings as they start to comprehend colours and shapes.

We also understand that separation anxiety at this age can be overwhelming for both the child and for parents/family, so have created an environment that’s warm, safe and welcoming. As an introduction to the centre, we encourage parents to spend some time with their child getting to know the facilities and educators at Little Sparkles. This process  alleviates a lot of anxiety for the children, and establishes a sense of trust and comfort.

Our educators have developed a set of programs in a routine format that are age appropriate. We provide the babies with plenty of opportunity to actively explore with an assortment of play equipment, books and puzzles. Every day we sing and move – and we gently encourage the children to participate in these activities.

Little Twinkles - 2 to 3 years

A child’s toddler years are a time of huge change. It’s a transitional period where they move from the dependence of babyhood, to a more independent and mobile stage. At this age, children are exploring with purpose and start to assert their independence and individuality.

Through play, toddlers explore and learn ways to communicate, discover, imagine and create. This is why play is key component in the Little Twinkles programs. Our educators combine both structured and child-led activities, in stimulating indoor and outdoor learning environments.

Understanding the varied development stages of the children, we create opportunities that engage each child’s interests and provide appropriate challenges that allow the children to spread their wings.

Little Stars - 3 to 6 YEARS

As children move into their preschool years, they seek a more structured pace of meaningful and purposeful learning. Children in our Little Stars preschool room are encouraged to approach the world with curiosity and an enthusiasm to learn. At this stage, children are building their confidence,  sense of self,  and desire to think for themselves, to solve problems, to work with others, express themselves confidently and effectively and explore different ways  being

The Little Stars programs are designed with school readiness in mind. Our qualified educators are skilled at effectively preparing our pre-schoolers through a comprehensive curriculum that uses a play-based learning approach combined with intentional teaching to engage active young minds. Using stimulating learning environments, our pre-schoolers gain the foundations of their reading, writing and numeric skills – so they’re well prepared for the challenges and learning opportunities that come at ‘big’ school.

Little Sparkles children learn to approach the world with interest and are equipped with the social skills to listen, learn and self-discipline in a school classroom.

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